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of the Party and the army

, and that they should not be forgotten, as wisdom and power is obtained from history."Without t

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ars ago.Liangjiahe is expected to receive over 900,000 visitors this year, bringing 13 million yuan in revenue. Per capita in▓come will reach 18,000 yuan.Targeted poverty alleviation i▓s the


tely prosper

household name for a policy th▓at was put forward by President Xi during his inspection tou▓r to the central province of Hunan in November 2013.Development is the general method to eliminat


ous society,"

e poverty, and governme▓nts in poverty-hit regions should suit ▓their measures to different conditions and help locals find out ways to shake off poverty, he said during the trip.Shibadong i


Xi said.Liang

s a Miao minority vill▓age and was labeled "poor" at the time. Shibadong in Chinese means 18 caves, and there are 18 natural karst caves in the village. Scarcity of arable land was the bigg


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est obstacle to local villagers hoping to improve their lives."We are poor in reso▓urces, but rich in fascinating culture and landscape,▓" said Gong Haihua, the village head.Inspired by Xi's

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idea of targeted poverty alleviation, the village committee started supporting industries such as breeding, planting, Miao embroi▓dery and village tourism, as well as labor expo▓rt.In cooperation with a rural cooperative, the v▓illage arranged for over 66.7 hectares▓ of land elsewhere to be planted with kiwis, a popular fruit.The kiwis base was expanded this year and ▓helped villagers in other townships to shake ▓off poverty, said Shi Jintong, a township

official ▓stationed in Shibadong village.Tourism is booming in Shibadong. The per capita net income of villagers was 3▓,580 yuan last year, up 115 percent from 2013."We really thank general secretary a lot," said Shi Quanyo▓u, a Shibadong resident, who retu

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